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Image of Merengue de Cordoba, La Guitarra Flamenca de Merengue de Cordoba, DVD & Music Book

Merengue de Cordoba ~ La Guitarra Flamenca de Merengue de Cordoba ~ DVD & Music Book

$ 139.00

This double-length set (almost two hours and two hundred pages) covers the fundamentals of the Flamenco guitar like no other learning tool available. Merengue first demonstrates and discusses the fundamental techniques of the style. He then works through a veritable catalog of Flamenco forms (Alegrias, Bulerias, Soleares, Seguiriyas, Colombianas, Sevillanas, Guajiras, Rumba, Verdiales, Tientos, Tangos, Tarantas....). For each form, Merengue explains the rhythm, techniques associated with it, details about the song or dance in some cases, and teaches a couple of very nice falsetas and some basic compas for each. Primarily directed towards guitarists relativily new to the Flamenco style, but an invaluable review for guitarists at any level (Vicente Amigo is among Merengue's students who credit him with giving them the basis to thrive as Flamenco guitarists). Encyclopedic. Recommended.

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