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Image of Jose Manuel Montoya, Guitarra Flamenca en 48 Clases, vol.1, DVD & Music Booklet

Jose Manuel Montoya ~ Guitarra Flamenca en 48 Clases, vol.1 ~ DVD & Music Booklet

$ 35.00

In volume 1, which contains lessons 1-12 of the 48 in the complete collection, Montoya covers basics like tuning, changing of strings, proper positioning of the guitar, proper positioning of the hands.... He then introduces the fundamental techniques of the Flamenco guitar: the thumb, the thumb/index combination, alzapua, rasgueados.... Finally these are presented in the context of simple falsetas "por Tangos" that use the various techniques thus far presented. Each exercise/example is transcribed in the accompanying music booklet in notation and TAB. 120 minutes. In Spanish, English, Italian, and Japanese.

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