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Image of David Leiva, Tratado del Ritmo y Compas en la Guitarra Flamenca 2, DVD & Music Booklet

David Leiva ~ Tratado del Ritmo y Compas en la Guitarra Flamenca 2 ~ DVD & Music Booklet

$ 40.00

The focus of these two DVDs - interestingly enough - is on how to tap your foot while playing in Flamenco's various rhythms.Leiva - well known for his impeccable transcriptions of guitar music by Paco de Lucia and others, and for his many insightful educational publications - considers rhythmic foot-tapping indispensable to feeling and playing comfortably in compas, as well as internalizing Flamenco's various compases.While primarily addressed to guitarists, this content could be useful to anyone interested in Flamenco.As a bonus to guitarists, each program will present you with over 50 falsetas in the characteristic rhythms featured.This second volume focuses on Soleares, Alegrias, Guajiras, Tangos, and Rumba.The booklet facilitates understanding with chord names and symbols in addition to the rhythmic markings.On the DVD, David Leiva plays the musical examples while tapping his foot as per the instructional intent of the video, with a "flamenco clock" and other visual aids guiding you through the compas.Soleares, Alegrias, Guajiras, Tangos, and Rumba.

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