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Image of Agustin Gomez et al, El Flamenco como Nucleo Tematico, Book

Agustin Gomez et al ~ El Flamenco como Nucleo Tematico ~ Book

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A collection of presentations given in the context of a seminar at the University of Cordoba, by numerous writers/speakers and addressing a wide range of topics relating to Flamenco. From well grounded topics (Jose Antonio Rodriguez and others on the guitar today, Tradition and new forms in the Dance, the Cantes de Ida y Vuelta, Flamenco among Spanish emigrees, etc.) to the most abstract (reflections on the relationship of Flamenco to Bullfighting, the representation of Flamenco as a hybrid construct, etc.), these "essays" cover a lot of ground. it's been covered before but there's no shortage of new ideas here. 265 pages. Large format trade book.

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