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Image of Agustin Carbonell "El Bola", Rojo y Rosa, CD

Agustin Carbonell "El Bola" ~ Rojo y Rosa ~ CD

$ 19.00

Subtitled "Musica y Baile del Nuevo Flamenco," this music was created by El Bola as part of a music and dance show performed by dancers Tamar Gonzalez and Karen Lugo. The music is performed by Saray Munoz and Enrique "Piculabe" (Cante); El Bola and Claudio Villanueva (Guitars); and Javier Colina (Contrabass).Beautifully conceived and performed, the music is very visually evocative, and as dance accompaniment has a certain rhythmic and structural clarity that might make it particularly appealing to dancers seeking musical inspiration for their own choreography and dancing.Introduccion, Paralelos (Solea a Dos), Oracion, Flor de Romero (Cartagenera), La Ventana (Tientos), La Ventana (Escobilla), La Ventana (Tangos), Piedras (Solea), Piedras (Solea por Buleria), Piedras (Buleria), Retrato (Fandangos por Buleria), Amanecer (Solea por Buleria & Bulerias).The colorful booklet contains some beautiful photos from the live performances, and all the Letras.

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