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About us

Flamenco Connection was created in 1992 with the principal aim of documenting and organizing the Flamenco recordings available at the time.

Between the major record labels and a handful of small record companies - most but not all in Spain - there were plenty of good recordings available, but no centralized discography or listing of available titles.

To complicate matters, titles went quickly out of print, were licensed and reissued with new covers, sometimes even new titles, and sometimes even by new labels. To make matters worse, the attitude of those with access to these recordings typically ranged from nonchalance to contempt - for the very material they should have been promoting.

Enter Don Quixote in full Flamenco armor. With some references from Andalusian cultural institutions, music press credentials from Guitar Player and Acoustic Guitar magazines, and a good pair of boots, I launched an all out door to door campaign to collect information on any Flamenco title anyone knew.

I visited record labels and record shops, publishers and distributors, artists and producers, journalists and historians…. Slowly but surely, my references grew into the hundreds, then thousands.

Only then did the idea of a Flamenco catalog from which people could order this sometimes difficult to find music emerge from the piles of notes. I printed up a catalog, placed a few ads in music magazines and concert programs, and to my great surprise, there was a lot more interest in Flamenco than I could ever have imagined.

Before long, caravelas were crossing the Atlantic, their hulls practically submerged from the burden of Flamenco CDs on-board. We listened to every new title, making little comments which were sent out in snail-mail updates to an ever-growing list of aficionados.

And then the whole Flamenco products scene began to blossom in strange and wonderful ways. Better recordings started coming out, aficionado-run companies began to produce educational videos for dancers, transcriptions for guitarists…. And more specialized Flamenco shops started opening up around Spain, Europe, and on the internet.

Today, as we launch this new web site (our first was in operation from the late 90’s through December of last year) things seem to have settled down a bit, but the family of good aficionados is as grand and passionate as ever.

Flamenco seems to be one of those art forms that gets into people’s blood, even makes them a little crazy. Once the bug has bitten, the addiction that follows is all-consuming, and its progress usually irreversible.

So if you’re new to all this, we invite you to get stung. It doesn’t hurt a bit, and it could change your world in ways you never imagined. If you’ve been with us all along, welcome back. We truly cherish every last one of the thousands of relationships we have enjoyed with all of you over the years.